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Tunneling Insruments

The periodontal tunneling is a technique which is used for effective placement of bone grafts, to augment or replenish lost or compromisedtissues / gingival recession defects, such as receded gums. A tunneling technique maintains the blood supply, by saving the dental papillae,to the gum tissue which greatly enhances the success rate and provides more aesthetic result.
N-951 and N-952

These instruments are suitable for preparing dissected and full flaps in areas where recession of the gums is a problem. The main advantage of these instruments is: Elevate the dental papilla safely, resulting in the preservation of vascular network and tissue contours; less invasive undermining surgical technique so as to avoid large areas flaps.

The curvature and angulations of the functional ends and the cutting micro-raspatory at the tip of the instrument allows extensive tunneling incisions in safely in the restricted areas of the papillae. The dental papilla is saved, thus ensuring optimal vascularity at the site.

Gingival recession defect

Figure-1 there is considerable gum recession. A tunnel is being formed.
Figure-2 a bone gratt is being placed.
Figure-3 Bone gratt is in place.
Figure-4a Securing and stabilizing the graft.
Figure-5 Final result: some weeks after the procedure

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