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Scissors & Needle Holders



1. What are Diamond Cut Scissors?

  • A special hard alloy or tungsten carbide is processed onto the cutting edges of these scissors.These scissors are also conventionally known as TC Gold / TC scissors).
    At Nurikon, we call them as :
    “Nurikon Diamond Series”

    We do not use ordinary methods and materials, which carry the risks of falling off the material after being used for some time and too brittle the material resulting in micro chip-off from the cutting edges.

  • We guarantee it for five years. We safeguard against rust/ corrosion by doing 100% Boil Test.
  • Both rings of the scissors are gold-plated.
  • The guarantees include 5 year guarantee for TC instruments against any fault in the material, workmanship when such instruments are used under controlled conditions.
  • We also provide re-sharpening facilities in case of TC scissors, free of cost.

2. What are their advantages, as compared to ordinary scissors?
The advantages include:

  • Smooth and Controlled Cutting
  • Consistent Cutting Capacity
  • An extremely long life as compared to ordinary scissors. Virtually no wear and tear even after being used for years.

Note: These scissors can be supplied with one blade having micro serrations, thus preventing tissue or suture from slippage.


1. What are Super Cut Scissors ?
Super Cut Scissors are endowed with unrivalled cutting power and are “sharper” than the conventional scissors. The cutting blade is “razor-edged”.

2. Why Super Cut Scissors are better than the ordinary scissors?
As their one blade is designed as “razor edge” and the other blade having micro serrations, these scissors are ideal for grapping tissue and cutting interproximally.

Super Cut Edge

An ordinary edge
Super Cut Edge

Ordinary Edge

3. What are their other advantages?
Super Cut Scissors with razor edge + micro serrations ensure extremely controlled cutting in difficult areas during surgery. They cut their way forward more accurately.

These scissors supersede because of their ability to cut with extreme precision right down to the tip of the blades.

Literally speaking, the cutting edges obey the hands and mind of the surgeon most precisely.

4. What are their uses?
These scissors can be used on coarse as well as fine tissues with equal efficiency. It is advisable not to cut sutures, however, since it makes the fine edges of the scissors blunt.

Note: Super Cut Scissors can be supplied with or without micro serrations, one blade being always designed as “razor edge”

Our Advantage: The cutting margins/ edges are honed to eliminate any traumatization of the tissues during cutting action, by applying special custom-made technology.

These scissors have an added benefit of one blade having micro serrations with inter-nodal distance of 0.5 mm diameter while the other one being scissors edge. Thus it almost eliminates any chance of slipping out of tissue or suture.

Our Advantage: The micro-serrations are polished / honed ones by the usage of special custom-made technology, as compared to being done by an ordinary file which are rough and carry burs to traumatize
the tissues in the working area.