1. What material is used
We use surgical grade stainless steel which meets the standards of ASTM.
2. what are extra benefits a customer gets when he / she buys NURIKON instruments?
  • Affordable price
  • Extras such as extra pad for Posterior Band Plier; extra pin for Omega Loop Forming Plier and so on. FREE technical adjustment of screw joint when it becomes lose after thousands of uses.
3. How NURIKON makes sure that the functional attributes of the instruments are OK?
By accelerated life testing; simulated type testing .
4. What happens when my plier becomes loose and does not set right even after having tightened the joint fully?
No problem! It can happen when the plier has been used for a long period of time. Just let us know and we will fix the problem technically to your satisfaction FREE!

5. You claim, it is high quality product but still lower in price, it is rather paradox, why?
Actually, we don’t know why other services don’t. We can tell you why we do. We feel for the customers with limited budgets also. By virtue of our indigenous design; selection of material and optimised manufacturing processes, we can afford to sell our products at most competitive prices while maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship also. Above all, all the products supplied by Eurodental are backed up by 5-year warranty.

6. How we can get NURIKON pliers
Contact your local distributor or contact us directly.
7. How we can pay?
When getting the instruments directly, you can either pay by Credit Card or wire transfer or Western Union
8. Do you offer any discount?
Please ask for details.

9. Is there any minimum order?
No minimum order, however when it is 300US$ or above, we pay the postage.

10. How we can get our pliers and curettes re-sharpened?
The pliers and curettes supplied by us can be re-sharpened free of cost. For that, you have to pay the postage only.
For pliers of other companies, we charge amazingly affordable price.
11. Are NURIKON products CE marked?
Yes NURIKON products are CE marked.