Nurikon's products excel in : extra functional life, quality assured function, most competitive prices, 5 years long product(limited) warranty.

Nurikon reliable surgical and dental supplies include :

  • 1. Surgical instrument, re-usable and single-use
  • 2. Dental instruments and Dental kits
  • 3. Orthodontic pilers with TC inserts
  • 4. Dental implant instruments
Manufactures & Suppliers of Surgical and Dental Instruments, Orthopedic Pliers and Dental Implant Instruments
Quality Assurance System
CE marking authorized.
FDA, USA approved; Nurikon on FDA's Green List.
Technical File and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available on request.
Nurikon is an active participant of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme as launched by CBI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands.
Re-sharpening services for orthodontic pliers and dental curettes are available.
Dental Implant Instruments